ADK Support Documentation -

ADK Support Documentation -

Documents Specific to the ADK

ADK Audio Sink Application User Guide

Describes the ADK Audio Sink Application provided with this ADK.

ADK Sink Configuration User Guide

Provides version specific information on the Bit fields of the PS Keys used to configure the ADK Sink application.

ADK Audio Source User Guide

Describes the Audio Source Application provided with this ADK.

ADK 3.0 Subwoofer Application User Guide

Describes the Subwoofer Application provided with this ADK.

Core Bluetooth

xIDE User Guide

Describes xIDE, the Integrated Development Environment for developing application software to run on CSR's BlueCore chips.

Writing BlueCore Applications

This document illustrates how the source code and supplied libraries are used to build Bluetooth applications to run on BlueCore chips.

Configuring the BlueCore Memory Allocator

Describes how to use the memory allocator to alter the division of available memory.

VMSpy User Guide

Describes the VMSpy application which collects and displays debug output from a VM application.

Kalimba DSP

My First Kalimba DSP Application

This document provides an introduction to coding the Kalimba DSP. It examines and explains a simple example that routes stereo audio through the DSP.

My Second Kalimba DSP Application

A guide for developers of software applications and algorithms on the Kalimba DSP core that is present in CSR's BlueCore-Multimedia ICs.

1-mic and 2-mic application note for ADK 3.0

This application note guides the user through the one_mic_example and two_mic_example applications included in ADK 3.0

CVC Support Documentation

Click here to view the available CVC support documents.


ADK Application Configuration Tool User Guide

Describes the Application Configuration Tool included in this ADK.

PSTool User Guide

Describes the PSTool utility used to read and write PS Key values to BlueCore's Persistent Store.

GATT Database Generator User Guide

Describes how to use the GATT Database Generator provided in this ADK.

Additional Support Documentation

License Key Testing in Production

This document details how to carry out license key testing in production for CVC,aptX and GAIA functionality.

Overview of the GAIA Ecosystem

This document gives an overview of the GAIA Ecosystem. The Generic Application Interface Architecture (GAIA) implements an end-to-end, host-agnostic ecosystem supporting host application access to device functionality.

GAIA Sink Command Reference Document

This document describes the low-level packet structure of the CSR GAIA protocol and describes the commands available in the ADK application implementation.

The published documents listed above are further supported by the xIDE on-line help documentation and the clearly commented library and source code.
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